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Student: ED?N

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/25/2014 | 3 Minute Read

“ED?N” is a particular 3 item gift set by student, Adrien Duchateau, of Belgium. The packaging combines “3” trending styles, black and white, matte, and illustration, to give the product a mysterious and alluring energy. The etched and detailed illustrations are printed on matte white bottles and wrapped with a black labelled ribbon. The ribbon is delicately lined with the slightest amount of color, helping break the monotone look without bringing too much attention to the color itself. The black and white scheme is continued as the white crate is slipped with a minimal black sleeve. The name, as well as the ghostly design, references the biblical “Garden of Eden.” With the product being as transcendental as it is, there is a mischievous quality to it that can be compared to the snake and the apple in the myth.  

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“Eden is the name of my gourmet box. I used the Bodoni font for the logo but I reversed the 2nd E to remind the number 3 which is the number of my products. The fact of having 3 products is not random, as the number 3 is considered the perfect and sacred number, it perfectly matches with the name “Eden” meaning Paradise. Other than Paradise, Eden also reminds us of the origin of everything, a beautiful garden where the forbidden fruit was growing. I thought it might be a good name/concept for a gourmet box. For the design I decided to do something authentic and modern at same time and gave to it a quite mystical and peaceful aspect. I used engravings to remind that these products come from an ancient time but are still “in” and to show it I contrasted it with a modern packaging design. Plus, once you finished the products, the box can be keeped for any other usage. It will not be thrown in the trash and it will make a good publicity in the houses. It has a real second life !”
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Adrien Duchateau

Country: Belgium


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