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Before & After: Olden Water

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/29/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Dinamo Design gives Olden water a facelift in efforts that the product will stand out from the trending minimalistic design of its competitors. Olden’s previous design was believed to be blending in with the rest of the items on the shelves with a predictable blue for the label and top. With the new design, color is utilized wrapping around the bottle playfully.  

“Background and Challenge Hansa Borg was not looking at Olden’s challenges in a larger, brand strategic context resulting in continuous decline in sales and reduced preference in the market. The time to raise the gaze and redefine the brand Olden was overripe. But, how do you differentiate your brand in a category where there is minimal functional differences among the products, intense competition and you have declining preference among customers? ”
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“Solution Work began by defining a relevant and unique main association – finding an emotional idea which would enable us to create a long-term, strong brand that also could drive communication, design, conduct and product development. An experience unique to Olden. We named this idea “Untouched ”. To bring out the story of “Untouched ” in the design, we treated the bottle as a “jewel”. In collaboration with Frost we designed a classic and elegant series of bottles – a design that clearly signals indulgence and plays with features from luxury categories. It creates an association between the Olden brand and precious and rare natural commodities, like a diamond or gold ore. ”
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“Result The new design was very well received by the trade and obtained increased listing. On the west coast of Norway the volume fraction of the mineral water (carbonated water) had increased by 8.8% within first four weeks after launch. It now has 30.4% vol proportion of all carbonated water on the west coast. On a national basis, Olden mineral water increased by 85% from September 2010 through February 2011. Olden received Gold in Retailprisen (annual Norwegian Retail Award) and Gold in Visuelt (annual Norwegian Design Award) in 2010.”
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Designed by Dinamo Design

Client: Olden

Country: Norway