Brauer Medication

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/29/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Brauer needed a packaging design that would best represent the company’s natural home remedy. Black Squid Design steered toward a minimalist aesthetic with a decorative finish. The box, matched with the bottle’s label, is stark white plastered with a symbolic keyword that would quickly give the consumer an understanding of the purpose of each pill. A playful doodle hugs the label, abstractly describing the feeling you would get once you intake the product. The added drawing combined with the bright matching colored streak gives life to the packaging without excessively artificially coloring it.

“Brauer Baby and Child was the first range to be transitioned to new packaging and has experienced growth in excess of 10% since the refresh. One comment from a national buyer for a leading customer of Brauer that “this is the best packaging they have seen in pharmacy to date!” Client comment: the redevelopment of packaging across the entire Brauer portfolio was an epic task. It involved the transition from what consumers told us was out dated, sterile, pharmaceutical looking packaging into a new, fresh approach that had natural cues whilst maintaining efficacy cues to assure consumers that the product would indeed assist their ailments. Black Squid Design created a strong unified brand, applied across all packaging including new product development. They created a brand that reflects the companies philosophy and appeals to the target market.”
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Black Squid Design

Client: Brauer

Country: Australia


Creative Director: Derek Butler

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