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Venus Spirits Small Batch Gin

by Andrew Gibbs on 07/22/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Chen Design Associates creates Venus Spirits, a new brand of artisanal, organic, small batch, locally sourced gin from Santa Cruz, CA. Venus Spirits was started by former brewmaster Sean Venus.

Founder Sean Venus started out as a brewmaster, and spent six years overseeing production for Gordon Biersch. He has decided to branch out and launch his own craft distillery in Santa Cruz which will serve small-batch whiskey, gin, and blue agave spirits. Venus Spirits Gin is the first brand to launch. Sean sees the massive growth potential of the high-end alcohol market, and turned to Chen Design Associates to develop the brand and packaging.

“We developed the Venus Spirits brand and its first launch to have a unique, bold personality. Elegant and spare, the gin packaging focuses on its locally-sourced, organic botanical blend. Prominent spaces mark the particular blend’s number and a specific batch out of a total gives the distinct impression of a limited edition work of minimalist art.”
— Chen Design Associates

Chen Design Associates did a great job at making sure that you understand that this is a true artisanal crafted product through the design of the label. It has a feel of exclusivity, from the texture of the paper, to the hand numbered batches, the design of the label comes across as a limited edition work of art. 

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Agency: Chen Design Associates

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