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Harry's 1-2 Set

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/03/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Harry's designed this nifty box to house their 1-2 set. Like the products themselves, the packaging adopts the same simplicity and quality. Nothing flamboyant. Harry's uses muted color tones much like their Harry's Truman & Winston Sets, giving it a nautical aesthetic.

"We designed the 1-2 Set to bundle our core products--a razor and shave cream--in a package ideal for trial. We launched the set during the holidays as a stocking stuffer--a more compact and less expensive complement to our Starter Set. The 1-2 set is intended for retail settings, as well. It stands vertically and swings open to showcase the product on both sides.
The exterior structure is a rigid setup that houses cut paper inserts which hold the handle and shave cream in place. The package closes using an elastic that is connected on the back and pulls around the front. The graphics are minimal and clear.
We wanted the user's experience to be both playful and exploratory. The user’s first interaction with the packaging is like opening a book to understand the story of both our brand and products."
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Designed by Harry's

Country: United States

City: New York