Smartmouth Flagship Beer

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/23/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Smartmouth Beer Smartmouth Beer demonstrates their "smartmouth" attitude with mathematical and scientific equations printed on each aluminum beer can designed by Meridian Group. From flow charts to illustrated symbols, this beer is a great conversation starter while giving you the opportunity to brush up on some old and forgotten knowledge you learned in school.

And who said drinking isn’t a “stimulating” activity?

“Smartmouth, a local craft brewery, hired us to design the debut 12 oz. cans for their three flagship beers – Alter Ego, Murphy’s Law & Rule G. We wanted the cans to be unique, smart and clever, like the Smartmouth brand but also reflect their brewery, which features giant chalkboard walls. Part of the brand we developed for Smartmouth was based on their meticulous testing during the brewing process and their “nerdy” love for the science of beer. Also they have a dry wit to the team, hence the double-meaning of the name “Smartmouth.” We wanted to incorporate lines of wisdom/philosophy to be consistent with their intellectual style but in a funny way. We emphasized the “smartness” in Smartmouth with actual formulas/charts specific to their brewing system for each beer type but also included elements of their back story (pet Boxer named Murphy, railroad tracks by their location) relevant to each beer. With so much detail the cans become a resource and people “study” them while they drink, in essence the “cereal box” effect.”
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Meridian Group

Country: United States

State: Virginia

Art Director/ Copywriter/Creative Director: Matt Schneider

Illustrator: Annetta Killian

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