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Nike Free Box: A Shoebox 1/3 the Size of the Original

by Andrew Gibbs on 07/21/2014 | 2 Minute Read

When Nike launched its latest Nike Free model: Nike Free 5.0, the most flexible shoe in history, it needed to communicate the completely unique attribute. To do this, Publicis Impetu, a Uraguay based advertising agency, decided to develop a unique package that only the new Nike Free 5.0 could tolerate: the Nike Free Box. 

The Nike Free Box is a limited edition promotional launch box, and it looks just like a typical Nike box. The difference is, this Nike Free Box is 1/3 of the original size. It was designed to surprise the first Nike Free 5.0 buyers, and to demonstrate the incredible flexibility of the Nike model. The shoes are so flexible they are literally rolled and placed into the smaller box. 

I love that this project not only uses 1/3 the box size and shipping space, but it demonstrates the benefits of the products so perfectly and cleverly. My only complaint? I wish this package was not a limited time promotion, but implemented for all Nike Free shoes globally. 

"Using the unique attribute of the impressive flexibility of the new model of Nike Free: Nike Free 5.0, we decided to create a very special packaging: Nike Free Box. A shoebox third the size of the original shoe box. Through this idea, we use less cardboard, optimized storage spaces and demonstrate the impressive flexibility of the new model, before opening the shoebox."
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Agency: Publicis ImpetuExecutive Creative Director: Esteban Barreiro, Mario Taglioretti Art Director: Diego Besenzoni Copywriter: Federico Cibils Account Director: María José Caponi Account Manager: Mauricio Minchilli Producer: Metrópolis Films