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Plume & Compagnie Chicken Feed

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/22/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Brand Union Paris revamped Plume and Compagnie’s chicken feed packaging which now boasts the company mascot boasting about the wonders of the product. The bird brings life, texture, and dimension to the 2-d label and seal. The white bag uses a hint of pastel to compose the chicken as a black line drawing animates the product character with a playful vibe.

"The farmyard category has seen an evolution over the past two years. Plume & Compagnie wanted to capitalize on this growing by making the difference, we needed something that goes beyond the high quality products (chicken food). The challenge was to commercialize this proposition and make it desirable."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph
"To seduce these new urban consumers the idea was quite simple : who better than a chicken to talk about chicken food? This key concept led to us photographing chickens – worthy of the greatest catwalks – to represent each product benefit, such as energy and growth. In the absence of modesty, the chickens have also been quoted, endorsing the product benefits to highlights Plume & Compagnie’s positioning: premium and organic products for a beautiful farmyard."
Editorial photograph

Designed by Brand Union Paris

Country: France

City: Paris


Project Manager: Hadrien Lecca

Design Director: Marie- Pierre Fricou

Junior Designer: Marie Schockweiller

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