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Jam Packed Fun Moments

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/25/2014 | 3 Minute Read

In an effort to have kids make smarter choices, Studio ABD Pvt. Ltd. focused on an interactive packaging design for Hindustan Unilever Ltd. that would appeal to younger minds. This 2-in-1 kit contains a set of fruity jams and a board game. The theme of the game, Jungle Safari, references the journey a child would go through in life and the important decisions they will make - for example, healthy food choices. The tin box is illustrated with a number of characters, each with their own persona, on a backdrop of lime green, giving the product a vibrancy and spark

“Fun Filled Gifting! We began the journey with the objective of positioning Kissan Jam as a fun filled gifting option for kids which becomes part of their everyday life! Mothers are the ones who are most careful while making choices for their kids. Through outstanding packaging, inherent gift- ability & perceived utility over other options we aimed to get mothers choose Kissan Jam gift pack over other available gift choices. ”
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“Health & Fun! We have based the concept on the brand’s philosophy of ‘Health & Fun’; about kids eating & growing up happily. Combining the product with a smart game for kids to play together. Creating adventurous Jungle Safari journey & various avatars of the brand character ‘Columbus’. ”
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“An intelligent game! Reinventing the regular ‘Snakes & Ladders’ board game into an adventurous & intelligent game; getting friends to come together. A way of adding more value to kid’s IQ by virtue of smart questions & incentives built around the Jungle Safari journey. Letting kids Emerge. Engage. Educate ”
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“Moments of togetherness! Branding, visual style & structural pack brings out the inherent quality of ‘togetherness & joyful moments’ of the gift pack. Its not only about eating jam but spending fun moments with friends. ”
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“Unwrapping the surprise within! Two Kissan Jam jars are encased within the innovative board game. The outer packaging is a reusable tin box depicting the game & its characters inside. The pack cues the ‘health & fun’ value in the gifting format. The concept is extended & implemented across all customer touch point in the form of Point of Sales communication. ”
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Designed by Studio ABD Pvt. Ltd.

Client: Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

Country: India

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