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Innovative Packaging and Design: Collector's Edition

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/22/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Stuart Tolley created the Innovative Packaging and Design: Collector’s Edition series. He brainstormed on a style that would best represent the top contemporary designs to inspire designers and non-designers alike. He fused together design trends such as high contrast, white minimalist, bold geometry, and transparency. The content is formatted around a Japanese aesthetic of minimalism, and clean space. Each image, block of text, and title has its own bubble space and everything is lined up with another which makes the layout easy on the eyes and legible; the main focus becomes the images rather than its description.

"Collector's Edition: Innovative Packaging and Design, is a visual culture book authored by Stuart Tolley and published by Thames and Hudson in August 2014. 
Collector's Edition is a global survey of the new wave of beautifully produced, limited edition and large format graphic design and packaging for the music, book, magazine industries. The 288 page book is split into 4 key sections that explore the world of box sets, multiple formats, handmade cover art and extra artifacts."
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“The book brings together over 170 contemporary examples from world renowned artists, musicians and designers such as Björk, Radiohead, David Bowie, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Matthew Dear, Flying Lotus, Oliver Jeffers, Chris Ofili, Beatriz Milhazes and independent releases from The Vinyl Factory, Ghostly International, Warp Records, Ninja Tune in a beautifully designed publication. Each example has been photographed exclusively for the book, by Ivan Jones, and is accompanied by full credits, a specification list and captions that give an insight into each project. Dotted around these pages are 6 exclusive interviews with leading practitioners, to gain an insight into their creative process. These interviews – with Stanley Donwood, Dinos Chapman/The Vinyl Factory/Fuel, The Flaming Lips, Irma Boom, Stefan Sagmeister and Alec Soth – are accompanied by exclusive portrait photography.”
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Designed by Stuart Tolley, Transmission

Country: United Kingdom

Photography: Ivan Jones

Publisher: Thames and Hudson