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O&G Oats

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/17/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Oatmeal isn't the most exciting breakfast option to start your morning. AKA Brand Design is looking to change that with O&G Oatmeal's packaging, creating a pack that gives off vibrant energy that is lacking in other oatmeal brands. The house-shaped box subliminally gives the product a "homey" feel while reminding the consumer that oatmeal can be fun with a colorful arrangement of natural ingredients displayed at the top.

"Sydney based agency AKA Brand Design were recently tasked with creating packaging for a new product in the Oats category for UNCLE TOBYS.When UNCLE TOBYS came to us and said ‘We want people who don’t like oats to start loving oats!’, we thought ‘Well, this will be a challenge!’. What we learnt was there is a whole segment of consumers (SINKs and DINKS) who know oats are good for them but don’t really like traditional porridge because they perceive them to be bland, stodgy and generally just a bit boring. What we had to do was show that not all breakfasts (especially oats) are created equal and there was in fact a product & brand just for them. This new product was ‘oats reinvented’ - full of yummy fruit and nuts and could be eaten hot or cold."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph
"AKA Brand Design were involved with the client, research team and ad agency from day one which allowed us to work collaboratively and strategically on a unified brand vision. Being a new product in market, this allowed all parties to mold this brand to create something that is unique to the category with a well-defined brand positioning. We wanted O&G to be brighter way to start your morning.
The design had to capture a sense of vitality and premiumness but also educate consumers on pack that this was breakfast but not as they knew it. O&G takes naturally delicious ingredients and combines them with premium UNCLE TOBYS grains in a way you’ve never tasted before. In unique and inspiring flavors. O&G brings a little happiness to everyone’s morning.
Who said breakfast has to be boring?"
Editorial photograph

Designed by AKA Brand Design

Country: Australia

City: Sydney

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