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Durham Gin

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/17/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Durham Gin packaging, designed by Wonder Stuff Studios, glistens with a wheel of blues and purples. The printed gold-text in combination royal colors adds pristine quality, and a glossy look. The bottle contains a lightness that charms potential consumers.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph
"We were approached by Durham Distillery to help them develop a distinct brand to ensure them a clear position in the crowded spirits market. 
We started by developing a simple and concise brand statement for them — ‘Good Honest Spirit’ — which encapsulated all they stood for. From their we began on the identity for the distillery, taking our inspiration from Durham Cathedral’s rose window and the dynamic flavours of the Distillery's product range. Once this was agreed we began rolling out the identity and message across print, online and packaging. 
Durham Distillery and it’s flagship product, Durham Gin (which we were involved in the development of), has been a huge success since it’s launch and we’re looking forward to working with the brand as it moves forward."
Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Wonder Stuff Studios

Country: United Kingdom

Photography : Mark Slater