Before & After: OatWorks®

by Diane Lindquist on 07/16/2014 | 4 Minute Read

In 2012, Pearlfisher was the first creative agency to create the brand strategy, tone of voice, brand identity and packaging design for Oatworks. In order to maintain its growing customers, Oatworks called upon designer Drew Downie to refresh their branding and packaging.

"Oats by themselves aren't always the most exciting, so our main challenge was getting customers to understand the true benefits of the oats within each beverage without losing the appeal of product as a great tasting fruit-blended smoothie. It was an ongoing discussion as to which feature to focus on in order to help the product fit in with similar products on the shelf but also have it stand out. The solution was to have both the fruit and oats work together on the bottle just as well as they do inside the bottle. 
We started by working with the client to completely refresh the brand from top to bottom. The new logo and logo icon were designed to be friendly, modern, and to bring the fruit and oats together in one visual piece. The oats in the icon are slanted to provide some movement and energy, while the little leaf within the oats is a nod to the fruit inside the beverage. A new color palette was created to increase the brightness and vibrancy of the brand on shelf and to give hint of the product's fruit flavors to the eye of the consumer."

Drew Downie infused brightness and energy into the brand and helped convey the uniqueness of Oatwork's dual power of fruit and oats.

Before: OatWorks®

Editorial photograph

After: OatWorks®

Editorial photograph
The colors and updated logo were brought to the forefront of the bottle to immediately convey a sense of bright and colorful freshness that allowed the bottle to feel at home among other relevant fruit drinks on store shelves. We didn’t need a full bouquet of fruit and oats on the bottle to convey what was inside. By taking a minimal approach to the bottle, we instead let the bright colors and brand name really speak for themselves. The negative space of the refreshed logo icon became the perfect window to showcase the product itself so that consumers could get a glimpse as to what they were buying. This alone made sure everyone could see that was inside this oat+fruit drink was anything but bland.
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Drew Downie

Country: United States

City: Portland

Photography: Neil Dacosta 


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