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Johnnie Walker Explorers’ Club Collection

by Diane Lindquist on 07/16/2014 | 4 Minute Read

Raison Pure NYC created an elaborative collection for the Johnnie Walker Explorers' Club range of blended scotch whisky.

Johnnie Walker Explorers Club Collection launched with Spice Road in 2012, exclusively selling it in travel retail outlets, and was followed by The Gold Route and The Royal Route, released in 2013. The three whiskies comprise the Explorers' Club Collection – a range inspired by the travels of Johnnie Walker agents. The packaging of each release paints a window into the memory of each journey, and features a pattern and color palette that mirrors the liquid within. To unify the series – and pay homage to "Keep Walking" within the world of travel – the new Walking Man Globe emblem is now an essential element of the visual language. The new look pays tribute to the past while embracing new adventure. 

The Spice Road

The Spice Road's packaging conveys a premium look through use of deep embossing and metallic finishes, which recall the vibrancy, aromas and colors of thriving markets in Europe and Asia. The pattern style and rich peppery color are inspired by architecture, tradition and culture of life along the trade route, while the box's diagonal label is angled on Johnnie Walker's signature axis.

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The Gold Route

The Gold Route maintains similar qualities of the first pack, but in addition to craftsmanship, also has been treated with updated materials and techniques. The rigid structure is covered in  custom made paper, complete with side-seam detail. The second edition packaging's deep green ensures the gold on pack appropriately represents the look and feel of the Gold Route.

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The Royal Route

The Royal Route box has a hinged lid with a beveled front panel, making for a sculpted regal statement. The beveled edges form a polished, brightly colored tin panel, embossed with a Persian-inspired pattern detail. The Johnnie Walk Explorers' Club Collection label and branding elements are also crafted into the tin panel for a dimensional effect. Easy to open, the box reveals a luxurious ivory interior surrounded by subtly repeated pattern.

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Designed by Raison Pure NYC

Country: United States

City: New York 

Founder & Chief Creative Officer: Laurent HainautVisual Strategist: Nicole DuvalCreative Director: Lorena SeminarioArt Director: Ann Chen, Harry ChongDesigner: Alex Boulware, Kate RascoeProduction Director: Linda TsengAccount Manager: Rebecca Etter