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by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/03/2014 | 2 Minute Read

O-I New Product Development and Innovation re-imagines PepsiCo's classic soft drink by celebrating the traditional packaging of the product with a twist. The new design brings a freshness to the product that essentially gives it an edge over it's competitors.

"Facing challenging market conditions, PepsiCo looked to glass packaging design to revitalize its classic Pepsi brand and create a unique, iconic bottle that could be positioned as a premium package in select stores. Providing technical and design expertise, O-I worked with PepsiCo to modify an agency design, resulting in a unique asymmetrical 'Twist' bottle able to withstand internal carbonation and vertical load requirements. The conical orientation of the bottle and angled label surface projects Pepsi branding to the consumer and creates a unique shelf appearance when bottles are displayed at the point of sale.
Mr. Lowden, chief marketing officer of PepsiCo's North America beverage business, says that nostalgia makes it an appealing factor for older consumers, while younger shoppers see the glass bottles as having a cool factor.
I couldn't imagine two more different lifestyle extremes, he said in a recent interview. It's very appealing and different to both."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by O-I New Product Development and Innovation

Client: PepsiCo

Country: United States

State: Ohio


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