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UNELEFANTE x Chef Jorge Llanderal Artisan Chocolate Bars

by Diane Lindquist on 07/02/2014 | 2 Minute Read

UNELEFANTE is a unique gift store with the motto of “Turning the ordinary into extraordinary”. The brand was launched online with a collection of big balloons decorated with paper tassels. After the success of their initial brand, their customers demanded more product and so began the idea of artisanal chocolate bars.

"I happened to know Jorge Llanderal and his family for quite some time. I'm a devoted chocoholic. When I voiced my idea that people crave good chocolate all around the world, it was only obvious that working with Jorge was my first move. He introduced me to the wonderful world of cocoa, I showed him my idea I had and the Pollock bar was born."
– Tatiana Sánchez, Founder of UNELEFANTE

UNELEFANTE take the art of chocolate to heart. The chocolates bars are stunning, colorful works of art.

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Tatiana Sánchez

Founder of UNELEFANTE 

“Before founding UNELEFANTE, I designed and produced jewelry and other fashion accessories for over ten years, so I know for sure a few things. Most people are not willing to take risks when buying a product, specially if it’s a gift, so, why not turn an ordinary something into a very unique experience. This is our main principle. Having this knowledge on hand and my passion for art and anything with an eye-catching harmony were catalysts when designing the Pollock bar and packaging.We change the colors to create new harmonies and to differentiate product lots. Also, labeling products can be hideous, specially if it’s by hand and you have hundreds of pieces in front of you, but it’s very fun to label the Pollock bars, labels are glued depending on were you have a better visual of the pattern created with the paint splashes. It’s relaxing.”
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by UNELEFANTE

Country: México


Design/Concept: Tatiana Sánchez Production: Chef Jorge Llanderal

Photography by Carlos Rodrigez of CAROGA

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