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Ballard Extracts

by Diane Lindquist on 07/01/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Ballard Extracts set out to change the image of an entire category. These small-batch, handmade products are intended to excite consumers and spark their imagination. David Cole Creative strived to elevate these products from “just another ingredient” to the centerpiece of a creative cooking experience. Using a bold, uniquely-shaped bottle with a heavy base was the first step in conveying quality to a consumer. The design aesthetic is derived from a synthesis of old and new with classic and modern. 

"Ballard, now a trendy shopping, eating and drinking district, is a historic industrial and fishing neighborhood in Seattle – with a strong Scandinavian tradition. Elements of the brand pay tribute to this cultural heritage - and suggest a bygone era of pride in craftsmanship. The clean, almost-minimalist design has just enough carefully considered ornamentation to move beyond 'modern' and into 'warm & inviting.' Overall the brand and packaging are intended to be cheery, upbeat, comfortable, serious-but-friendly and 'slightly fancy'
At the bottom of the label is an illustration, created from a collage historic photos, which shows Ballard’s iconic draw bridge and recognizable (to locals) elements of the marina and skyline. 
The logo, which includes the company’s monogram 'BE' can also be read as an imperative when read with the unique adjective that follows on each label. Be pure. Be bold. Be real. Be natural. Be true. And those same adjectives aptly describe the contents of each and every bottle/flavor they adorn. The vanilla is pure. The orange is real. The lime is bold, etc."
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Designed by David Cole Creative

Country: United States

City: Seattle