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Student: Green Ratio

by Diane Lindquist on 07/10/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Green Ratio is a smoothies concept brand that allows you to customize your drink by selecting the ingredients and their proportions. The store is located in Australia and focuses on healthy and natural, high quality products. 

"The name 'Green Ratio' derives from the golden ratio, which is universally known as the proportion of beauty and harmony. Therefore 'Green Ratio; can be read on different levels: it represents the perfection of the product related to the green/natural side, but also suggests the idea of proportion, that is linked to the custom made value of the brand.”

Francesco Bianchi came up with percentage symbols (which pay tribute to the name's origin) for the logo and from there the project took its form. Percentages were then used throughout the bottom of the label for each product in order to reinforce the story of the brand's values. This is best seen within the cups – showing each proportion percentage in relation to its ingredients. That concept was then elaborated within the gradient and split of the fruit imagery, creating a unified and consistent look.

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Designed by Francesco Bianchi 

Country: Australia

City: Sydney