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by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/30/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Passport came up with a very innovative way to best celebrate wine and art. Each bottle of 96 Wine labels, are hand-painted labels with the very wine itself.

"In 2013, Passport launched another new brand initiative. The objective was to create a wine brand that not only tasted exceptional but had a rich story to tell, and celebrated the real craftsmanship of wine making.
With this is mind, we were able to source a small batch of Grenache from the Barossa valley – one of the oldest wine regions in Australia. Hand harvested, using time-honored traditional techniques, this Grenache was a rare find, with only 96 cases produced. This formed the basis of the branded idea and ‘96’ became the name and truth behind the story.When briefing project ’96’ into the studio, the core objective was to ensure this ‘individuality and craftsmanship’ could be clearly defined in a market of mass produced wines. Whilst efficiency in production and distribution has so often become the common equation to profitability, the creative brief was to go back to thinking small, take the time and be unique.So with a few glasses of red, and paint brushes in hand, the studio decided that we needed to celebrate the true art and craftsmanship of design, creating 96 individually painted labels with the very wine itself. The ideas and designs flowed, along with the wine, and the result was a brand creation that truly captured the ‘art‘ of wine making."
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Passport

Country: Australia                                                                    

City: Melbourne                                                             



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