Sarda Farms

by Elizabeth Freeman on 06/30/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Sarda Farms is a dairy company whose aim is to create the very best cow's milk for India. With that in mind, Alok Nanda & Company sought to package Sarda's milk in the most simplest fashion that displays there identity through a nostalgic bottle shape. 

"Sarda Farms, spread over 10 beautiful acres, is a family-run milk farm in Nashik. With more and more milk brands jostling for shelf space in India, the need was to create an identity and positioning for the brand that would set it apart from its competitors.
The first step was coming up with the positioning. We were convinced that their greatest value lay in the fact that it was milk – straight from the family farm.
The rest flowed easily. The name was already there – theirs. After all, what reflects commitment and passion for milk, better than the family name?
To evoke the natural goodness of straight-from-the-farm milk, we designed a glass bottle and cap, inspired by the vintage bottles we all grew up drinking from, and gave the packaging a contemporary twist, combined with a modern font. And for the final touch, we added a graphic of the farm on the bottle. Clearly, to let consumers know – we’ve put our money where our mouth is.
Needless to say, we have consumers drinking out of our hands. Well, alright, bottles."
Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed bAlok Nanda & Company

Country: India


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