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Jeff's Jerky

by Elizabeth Freeman on 07/01/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Engineroom based in Australia uniquely packaged a home grown, all natural jerky. Jeff's Jerky prides itself for being handmade, local, authentic and the overall design successfully showcases these attributes through its organic look, and wholesome vibe. 

"Engineroom was approached by 2 brothers who had a fantastic quality jerky product they had been making as a hobby for family and friends for years and now wanted to expand into the retail market. 

Unlike alot of other Jerky on the market the product is 100% handmade and uses local quality ingredients so the flavour tastes "real" and not plastic or artificial. Also because they hand cut their meat the overall look of the product has a more natural appearance.

We wanted to differentiate this jerky from others on the market by playing up a natural handmade aesthetic. We wanted to not only appeal to the typical Jerky enthusiast but also have an increased appeal to health conscious males and females who were looking for high protein snacks."

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Designed by Engineroom

Country: Australia