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iriver Portable Audio

by Jessica Deseo on 06/25/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Designed by iriver's in-house creative team, this portable audio series uses a beautiful soft pastel color and technical illustrations to highlight the different aspects and uses of the device. The overall design is eco-friendly and easy-to-open for the consumer which just adds more charm to this design.

"The portable audio series by iriver, which comprises three types of audio players, allows consumers to enjoy music while camping, hiking, fishing or doing other leisure activities. To establish the series’ design identity, the packaging features different tones of soft color, highlighting the characteristics of each device. Informative illustrations on the packages suggest that the products inside are fancy goods rather than technical gadgets. The easy-to-open box is made of eco-friendly materials, while silk-screen printing conveys an expressive user experience."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Client: iriver Ltd., SeoulDesign: iriver Ltd., SeoulArt Direction/Graphic Design: Young-Ran LeeCity: Seoul

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