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Incase Sonic Headphones

by Dieline Author on 06/24/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Incase Sonic Headphones package design came with a lot of obstacles. With budget constraints and timing effecting the design process the overall final execution for their client Apple® was received with high compliments. The minimal design and pops of color throughout the inner and outer packaging really makes this design minimal with just the right about of boldness.

"For this project one of the most demanding clients Apple® worldwide retail stores required a specific footprint. Additionally this product had to compete with other major brands headphones deluxe packaging. But we only had 1/2 the money others had for their packaging. And it had to arrive at the factory 4 weeks earlier than the normal minimum time of 8 weeks. The major problem was the product was wider than required. 
In the end a round product was fit into a square hole by turning the product sideways meeting the requirements. Delivery came in at just under the 4 weeks with components arriving one week early at the factory. The final design delivered to the high expectations of the manufacturer and Apple retail. The “unboxing“ effect was reviewed on-line and has received many complements. Through finishes and special added colors on press, special elements and reveal, a luxury package look and feel was delivered."




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Designed by Greg Kaats - Art director at the Vetica-Group Lucerne Switzerland, David RiofrioSenior Graphic Designer Frank Hlidebrandt -Packaging Production, at Incase Designs, San Francisco