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Spotlight: Manifiesto Futura

by Diane Lindquist on 06/26/2014 | 8 Minute Read

"We value the experimentation, the reformation of the message, and the smart incentives. We believe in the atypical, and in the principle that says that form follows function. We celebrate clear messages and intelligent contents. We are an Independent Design Studio."

Manifiesto Futura is an independent design studio based in México that started in 2008. Fast forward to 2014, they have grown, expanded their services, and have become a multidisciplinary firm. As a Mexican design studio, their aim is to push the boundaries of Mexican design using shapes, new strategies and narrative to deliver projects that have a clear message, and smart incentives, and smart incentives, while still keeping the Mexican wit and charisma intact.

All projects are designed by Manifiesto Futura in México

El Tejocote

The client is a grown up couple who has a family business in Saltillo Coahuila. They harvest the fruits themselves and transform them into traditional candy and preserves. 

They opened the doors of their business and their own home to us, treating us like family. Due to that we were able to get inspiration directly from their kitchen, where they had a lot of crocks made of pewter, a very traditional material used in Mexico for many years. That’s the reason why we used pewter texture as the main element of the branding. The client surprised us with very accurate references of design, places and food around the world, that motivated us to propose a different solution for their project. 

“El Tejocote” was a small task, but the persistence and determination turned it into a “great” project.

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Llora Poquito

Those who have not cried while eating, do not know how to eat nor cry. 

Llora poquito (cry a little), a project that gave us back the sense of wonder with something as simple as a cookie. 

We share common interests with our client, who gave us complete creative freedom. As a result, we were able to propose something that aroused the target's curiosity and eventually positioning the brand in its market almost immediately.

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Wallpaper* magazine invited us to collaborate in a project that would be exposed during design week in Milan. The task was to create 5 food items that were focused around one particular ingredient, also the branding and packaging. 

We worked with Alfredo Villanueva, choosing "chili" as our main ingredient, so we could stand out our culture bringing the name of "Mexico" to an international exhibition not only by design but also by it's gastronomy. 

In a world where everything screams, everything is flashy, BRUTO remains an outsider, confirming that what is well made can get along with simplicity. What is startling is not necessarily noisy.

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Perro Malo

Inspired in Cerberus and Justice for All. A young, fierce and robust mezcal. 

A mezcal that destroys.

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Canalla is a project that had us sweating a few drops.Canalla is a project that had us sweating a few drops.

We wanted to show our traditional fast food, the taco, as a Mexican taco joint a walking ranger would stop for. We had to work with raw materials and make a bunch of prototypes and sketches before we made our final pick.

Complicated nights and sundays over at the workshop but we made it! not leaving out the laughs along the way.

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Tiqo is a tequila based beverage.

Inspired on a quiet night at the beach, the moonlight hitting the slim figure that lays next to you… Brazil, "The Girl for Ipanema"…The perfect project for those who enjoy mixing romance, beaches and alcohol.

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Bocanegra is a craft beer made in Monterrey. It's an acknowledgement to all the people who work.

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Malabraga is a traditional mezcal. A gift from Manifiesto Futura for their friends.

Let's toast for this to be our best year and for the new stories.

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