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Tsingtao Beer World Cup Limited Edition

by Jessica Deseo on 06/16/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Tsingtao Beer celebrates the 2014 Brazil World Cup by creating this limited edition design.

CELEBRATING WORLD CUP SEASON WITH THE NO.1 CHINESE BEER Inspired by the 2014 Brazil World Cup football season, Tsingtao launched its limited edition in May 2014, accompany with a series of marketing campaigns and advertisiement, the brand creates some exciting experience to connect consumers with its brand spirit - passion, dream and celebration. As the official partner of Tsingtao brand design, Dragon Rouge was invited to design this new product packaging to join the celebration. 
BRING THE TSINGTAO COLORS TO THE PARTY Dragon Rouge blend the Tsingtao equities in the exciting and passionate Brazilian and football cultural elements. An iconic Tsingtao green is applied as the dominant color of the design to express the new rage of South American heat around the world; the illustration is abstract, relaxing and light-hearted, showing different moments of celebration with tsingtao beer! 
ACCELERATING THE NEW BRAND EVOLUTION As part of the Tsingtao brand evolution development, the unique material and illustration style is the highlight of the product design. It helps Tsingtao to attract younger genrations while continue to be proud of its legacy."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Dragon Rouge ShanghaiCity: Shanghai

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