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Nembus Wine

by Jessica Deseo on 06/17/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Nembus Wine is a  beautiful and decorative wine label that is inspired by urban culture. Designed by Ruska Martin Associates, Nembus wine is wonderfully detailed with lots of personality!

"The illustrative style of this packaging design opens up a young, modern world in the mind’s eye of the beholder. The vivid urban design lives up to the rather prosaic claim “A wine for every day” in a refreshing way. Small handwritten notes appear to be passing thoughts, while the bright red letters of the product name Nembus and the meticulously painted images represent the character of the wine. The images comprise a wide variety of activities so as to appeal to a broad target group."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Client: Wein & Vinos GmbHDesign: Ruska, MartínCreative Direction: Francisca MartínCity: BerlinCountry: Germany

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