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Glueless OLED TV Box

by Jessica Deseo on 06/16/2014 | 1 Minute Read

This glueless OLED TV Box features a structure that is simple and sustainable.

"Featuring a glueless, three-layer structure for OLED TVs, this recyclable box places strong emphasis on environmentally friendly packaging. The design has successfully solved all of the hassles that come with a large-size package, such as opening and cutting it into pieces. The box is easy to open especially in small spaces, separates into three pieces and thus can be conveniently discarded. In addition, users may use the top cap and the body structure to assemble the television unit and the stand without needing a table or other means of support."
Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Client: LG Electronics Inc., SeoulDesign: LG Electronics Inc., SeoulPackaging Design: Young-Seok Seo, Il Do, Ah-Ran Nam, Byung-Jin OhCountry: South Korea

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