Cassette Playa x SNOG Frozen Yogurt

by Diane Lindquist on 06/13/2014 | 5 Minute Read

SNOG Frozen Yogurt announces a special collaboration to support Stonewall’s 25th anniversary curated by Cassett Playa featuring Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Florence Welch & Nick Grimshaw.

SNOG Frozen Yogurt believes people all around the world should be free to snog whoever they want, whenever they want. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of gay equality, they created a unique campaign using #FirstSNOG to support their charity’s work. SNOG have commissioned Carri Munden of Cassette Playa, known for her bold graphics, to develop an exclusive SNOG app. Fans can voice their support in aid of the work of Stonewall by uploading to an interactive #FirstSNOG Insta-Exhibition which already features First SNOG takeovers of Stonewall supporters from the fashion, art, music and film world, including: Russell Brand, Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Florence Welch, Douglas Booth, 3D from Massive Attack, Bobby Gillespie, Boy George, Jack Whitehall, Noel Fielding, Rhys Ifans, Katy B, Nick Grimshaw, Calvin Klein, Karen Elson and many more. 

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“This year has been an exciting year for SNOG, we launched our first range that you can enjoy at home and we wanted to mark this by supporting a cause personal to our hearts – people’s freedom to SNOG who they want. You never forget your first SNOG and it should not matter who that is with. We admire and respect the work of Stonewall and are proud to be part of the 25th year celebration. We commissioned Cassette Playa as we loved the freedom and vibrancy of Carri Munden’s graphic sensibility and we are thrilled so many of the SNOG fans have got involved in the campaign.”
— SNOG founders, Rob Baines and Pablo Uribe
"As well as raising awareness, SNOG is helping Stonewall to raise funds via their London based shops where a special Stonewall serve featuring a selection of rainbow coloured fruits will be available for the duration of the Stonewall 25 celebration. A donation of £3 can be made to Stonewall by texting ‘SNOG’ to 70300, with proceeds going towards the charity’s continued international work.
The #FirstSNOG campaign features characters created by Carri Munden inspired by SNOG flavours and toppings, including: Kiwi Dude; his kiwi belly is also his mouth! aaaRGhh, Nutty Granola; peace man nutty nirvana, Passion Fruit Monster; the wiiiild one, Cute Lil' RaspB; cutie but don't cuddle him 'cos he'll squish! - Sprinkles; this lil' SNOG is pure green tea frozen yogurt + rainbow sprinkles, and Yogi; yummy, chiiiiilled, wise but dorky.
All of the characters in the #FirstSNOG app are also featured in a takeover of SNOG’s Soho shop, which shows the characters engaged in conversation with speech bubbles containing distinctive Cassette Playa emojis, inspired by peace, love and fruit!  Carri Munden has also designed staff uniforms featuring the characters and a special Stonewall celebration playlist which will be played in the shop."
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“In our 25th year we know that there’s still so much work to do. Around the world in countries like Russia, Nigeria and Uganda, LGBT people are being oppressed and persecuted simply because of who they are. We’ve achieved so much here in Britain and with your support we can do the same around the world.”
— Ruth Hunt, Acting Chief Executive, Stonewall
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“Each character I have created is my interpretation of a snog, reflecting everything I love about SNOG - positive energy, healthy and cute! They are unique characters to share as a token of love and affection. Cassette Playa is about the overlap of real and virtual worlds, so the app is about fun, play and sharing, and an in-store installation that mirrors that experience, whereby the characters and emojis from the app, also interact with the landscape of the store.”
— Carri Munden of Cassette Playa
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Designed by SNOG Frozen Yogurt curated by Cassett Playa featuring Harry Styles, Rita Ora, Florence Welch & Nick Grimshaw

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