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Spotlight: Amore

by Diane Lindquist on 06/18/2014 | 8 Minute Read

Amore is an agency with leading-edge tools for brand innovation and design creation, with a vibrant creative culture. How they operate is clearly part of a grand success that is evident by the work in this Spotlight feature.

Amore's story is unique because they operate their business with four core methods:

  1. The Heart: Amore dares to explore the soul aspect of each brand, creating authentic heart that makes all relationships deepen around the brands they work with.
  2.  Global Flow: With the usage of science, art and soul, Amore translates what global trends mean to each of their projects. 
  3. Good x 3: Amore believes that it takes three components for a sustainable work life: doing great business, creating work that makes a difference and having everyone involved feel good about themselves. 
  4. Lovely Clients: Because of having all of 1-3, 4 is quite simply achieved by Amore.

All projects are designed by Amore in Sweden

“You can call us optimistic. Seeing the best in people fosters the most creative environments.”
— Amore


Föllinge is a brand and also the name of a small village in the north of Sweden where all their products are developed. They have made a complete redesign of their organic skin care assortment. Inspired by the pure Nordic nature, the handcrafted process and the unique knowledge that is needed to develop these organic master pieces, a new visual identity was developed. The end result is a visual expression that communicates expertise, craftsmanship, origin and authenticity.
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Amore is working as SCA Baby's strategic design partner and has among other innovative and visually striking design projects developed a new visual brand identity for the Libero brand. The result is something of a small revolution in the diaper shelf capturing the unconstrained, independent and natural child on a simplistic pack with handmade details.The design is made with simplicity, playfulness and natural expression as guiding stars capturing the magic everyday moments and the true connection between the parent and the child.
Strong and big sub brand colors makes it easier for the consumer to find the right product in the cluttered and overcrowded diaper shelf and the big size-indicators is hard to miss, even for the most untrained diaper consumer. Most important of all is of course the characteristic, independent and inspiring children we have captured on the packs.
The design has been out on the Russian market for almost a year, on the Nordic market since spring 2013 and you can also find it in India and China.
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Aroma Classics

Rats, Frogs, Hearts and Boats may sound a bit weird to eat, but this type of jelly candy is actually one of Sweden's most loved sweets. Aroma has made these goodies since 1928 and wanted to introduce something new in the crammed and intensely coloured candy shelf.This was the starting point of Aroma and Amore's joint venture to renew the candy shelf in the Nordic markets.
The result is a fresh and tasty pack that proudly presents the Aroma classics in a stylish and yet humorous way. With a copy that evokes childhoods memories, every candy type has it´s own story and every pack is numbered according to when it was first launched in Sweden.
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We have had the pleasure of working with Lithells, a time-honored sausage-maker from the small town of Sköllersta in Sweden, to reposition and redesign the brand. From the beginning, we decided with the client that the key was to create a strong, unique and relevant brand property to unite the different product groups, while enabling variation between them. Enter, the Apron. An age-old symbol of culinary craftsmanship, knowledge and pride. An easily recognizable and iconic shape that works as a label and placeholder for key information on all packaging. And a design element that is highly relevant to the sausage world and easily applied in all forms of communication. With a warm and friendly tone of voice, providing exciting ideas for sausage preparation, Lithells is on its way to becoming the most inspiring sausage brand on the shelf.
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The fact that the sales of Allerum cheeses went up by 56% since the new design was launched demonstrates the strength of the concept. The cheese deli handwritten signs are not only creating a beautiful packaging, but also a communication concept that works in all media. And as the only brand that was mentioned on the menu of the Swedish royal wedding, this cheese is undoubtedly a success!
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Aroma Du & Jag

Aroma's candy classic Red Heart has got a new look! With the new design and their genuin authenticity, tradition and suberb quality, this makes Red Heart the best present ever for your loved ones. Aroma´s Red jelly hearts are the perfect gift not only for Valentines day. Given a hard paperboxed package and with a playful design it is perfectly wrapped as a gift. You on one side and Me on the other, tied together by a heart.
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Hjordnära is a small organic dairy producer supplied by seven organic farms within a 25 kilometer range, just to decrease the transport distance to the dairy factory. The sustainable values and organic lifestyle at each of the seven farms are the foundation of the design strategy. Hjordnära´s products are filled with passion and heavenly flavors from Swedish organic fruits and berries.
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LLL - Light, Lagom & Lovely

Liten ljus lager, also simply called LLL, is a Swedish translation of a “small light lager”. Not to bitter, not to much fullness and not too sweet, lagom as we say. So we wanted to make a design that also completed that fact, a lagom but a very handsome look. Meant to appeal to the trendy urbanite, Amore choose a small 33 cl beer can and created a modern, architectural visual solution with traditional beer colors. Awarded with Epica bronze 2005 for creative excellence.
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