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Sweet Farm Sauerkraut

by Jessica Deseo on 05/28/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Keeping essential parts of the brand intact, Open Door Design Studio re-positioned Sweet Farm's branding and packaging.

"Sweet Farm, located in Western Maryland, focuses on sustainability in its food production, building, and daily living. It is also the home of Sweet Farm Sauerkraut. They came to us looking for a new identity, packaging labels, collaterals and website as the farm and farm offerings were quickly growing. 

Ever since the brand was launched, Sweet Farm has used the image of a rooster to represent themselves—a symbol of good luck, health, pride and honesty. Keeping the rooster image integral to their identity design, Sweet Farm wanted to provide a facelift to the overall Sweet Farm branding. The redesign brought to life a playful look that will be used across all of their marketing materials. 

According to the client, “The Sweet Farm is dedicated to creating fresh and natural krauts that are as healthy as they are delicious.” 

In simple words, we think they make amazing kraut! 

After deciding to upgrade their packaging from plastic containers to glass jars, Sweet Farm needed new labels for each of their krauts: Curtido, Curry, Beet and Classic Kraut. The fact that each kraut has its own flavor resulted in the creation of a range of unique label designs. Each label is color coordinated by the spices and cultural background of the kraut it represents. (e.g. the Indian inspired Curry Kraut carries vibrant and rich tones of pink, blue and yellow). The hand-drawn illustrations created by one of our talented collaborators—Camille Demarinis—help in establishing the values of Sweet Farm to use fresh and organic vegetables for each kraut. Even the typography has been designed to reinstate the playful nature of the brand. Overall the various design elements help to achieve a balance between the visual and verbal language of the label design. 

Since the business is on a rise, Sweet Farm also asked us to create a generic label that could be used for any upcoming Kraut. Because as Sweet Farm likes to say, “At every meal, on every plate, there’s always room for kraut!”

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Designed by Open Door Design Studio (ODDS) Illustration: Camille Demarinis Client: Sweet FarmCountry: United StatesCity: Asheville, NC