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Pizzicato Pizza Box

by Diane Lindquist on 06/13/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The creative folks at Pizzicato Pizza have completed redesigning their pizza line boxes. Previously, the boxes were standard kraft with two color printing. Now, the boxes are recyclable and full of color.

"Leveraging our brand standards (evidenced on our menu, exterior signage, interior paint colors, website and email communications), we created full color boxes for a full visual punch. We decided to use one of our colors on each of our sizes to generate that punch. Our logo is knocked out of the bright colors in a large, repeating pattern. 
Many of our stores have exposed shelving that is in view of customers. Having these boxes on shelf has introduced a jolt of joy in the aesthetic of our stores… making them even brighter and happier than they were before. Pizzicato also has a significant take-out and delivery business. Seeing the boxes out and about generates interest, brand awareness and conveys Pizzicato's image as an upscale pizzeria that doesn't take itself too seriously. On curbside recycling day, seeing empty Pizzicato boxes in recycling bins tells Oregonians and Californians that Pizzicato 'was there.'"
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