The Dieline Awards 2014: Spirits, 1st Place – MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur

by Diane Lindquist on 05/15/2014 | 2 Minute Read

The panel of judges of The Dieline Awards 2014 have awarded Tom Baker's MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur 1st Place in the Spirits category.

"The world's best coffee liqueur needed some world-class design to make sure MR BLACK Cold Drip Coffee Liqueur looks as good as it tastes.

The black-on-black graphics allows MR BLACK to keep a clean presence on shelf but allow the artwork to reveal with each sip. Every drink revealing more and more of the piece. 

'We love that it looks better with every drink' says Philip Moore, head distiller of MR BLACK. 'People just can't put it down.'

The artwork, titled 'Mister Black', was completed by awarded Sydney illustrator Dale Bigeni for MR BLACK Spirits.

Moving away from the heavily layered codes of the spirits category, MR BLACK went with a more contemporary aesthetic, bringing coffee liqueur into 2014 yet still retaining it's super premium price point.

The results speak from themselves: MR BLACK has transformed from local start-up to alcohol brand distributed nationally in under six months."

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Tom Baker

Country: Australia

City: North Sydney


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Editorial photographEditorial photograph

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