A Celebration of Authenticity: What I've Learned About Brand Minimalism

by Diane Lindquist on 04/09/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Find out why brand minimalism is a celebration, not a cleanse! In this fast-paced session, The Dieline’s Andrew Gibbs will be sharing his personal journey to authenticity. He will reference great brands that have gone minimal, some much more successfully than others. He will share the hidden details that make or break these brands, the lessons he learned when redesigning The Dieline’s identity with Pearlfisher, and in his redesign of HOW Design Live's own identity. 

3 Main Take-Aways

  • Which brands have done minimalism well, which ones not so well 
  • The hidden details that make or break successful minimalist design 
  • The lessons Andrew has learned during the course of two high-profile redesigns 



At The Dieline Conference 2014, you’ll discover how to gain recognition and respect by articulating what your design means to a brand. This year in Boston, we have gathered forward-thinking designers from brands like The Fresh Market and Method to share case studies, discuss hot topics like interactive and sustainable package design and help you communicate to your brand target, every time.

As a part of HOW Design Live, you will enjoy keynote sessions from the greatest minds in design, including Stefan Sagmeister, Paola Antonelli, and Dan Pink. 

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