Capsule Holiday Putty

by Jessica Deseo on 04/04/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Capsule wanted to do something for the 2013 holiday season that inspired creative ideas in a physical way:

"We wanted to inspire a way for these ideas to become a reality using the crafting skills of our own two hands. Inspired by some of our own methods used to dream up new possibilities, we used a favorite tangible piece of inspiration to promote our design thinking philosophy. Putty.

When concepting ideas for the design of the presentation and delivery of the Thinking Putty tin, the Capsule design team wanted something that would tailor to the spirit of the holidays but also hold up the importance of thoughtful design. We needed to be sure that the intent of the putty was communicated in an efficient and inventive manner. Putty tins were mailed to nearly a thousand friends, partners and clients of Capsule. Recipients were encouraged to create with the putty and socialize their craft for the world to see. 

The finished product is a delicate, foil stamped putty tin and card design, inspired by “bright ideas” and the holiday season. The copy on the card, which reads, “form your thoughts, shape your ideas and stretch your creativity, inspire that “a-ha” moment” shares with recipients the intent of the putty. Capsule’s Thinking Putty encourages recipients to shape, form and stretch thoughts and ideas into something tangible and inspiring for those around them."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by CapsuleCountry: United StatesCity: Minnesota

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