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Method Sunset Breeze Laundry Collection

by Jessica Deseo on 04/23/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Inspired by high fashion, this limited edition Method Home laundry soap is reminiscent of trendy textiles with a fun bright color palette.

"This spring, Method is launching a new fragrance, Sunset Breeze, to our innovative laundry collection. This new scent is a light, fruity, tropical escape – the perfect solution for freshening up your spring wardrobe if it’s been in hibernation for the winter.  The hypoallergenic, plant-based formulas deliver clean, soft, beautifully-scented clothes and the convenient packaging eliminates the need for a messy laundry cap or wasteful dryer sheet.

Our goal with this limited edition pattern is to bring high fashion and elevated design to the laundry room. The pattern is reminiscent of the trendy textile details found in resort wear and the bright tropical color palette is inspired by an island paradise at sunset.Sunset Breeze is available in our 8x concentrated laundry detergent and our innovative dryer-activated fabric softener spray, which replaces the traditional dryer sheet.

These products are available at Target stores and on methodhome.com"

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