El Juego de la Campaña Loca

by Jessica Sanchez on 04/16/2014 | 3 Minute Read

El Juego de la Campana is a game all about the obstacles that happen in the world of advertising. Bionmi: Creatividad has developed a game to showcase to their customers the hurdles and setbacks that occur with the world of advertising, such as budgets and revisions, but overall keeping the game educational and fun.

"A different way of looking the complicated world of advertising is represented in this Juego de la Oca (Game of Goose), with all the difficulties for advancing, stepping back here, slowing you down over there, and above all, depending always on your fate to move forward. From this premise, in Binomi Creatividad we have conceived our latest promotional item: El Juego de la Campaña Loca (The Crazy Campaign Game), maybe ironically to give to our customers who demand some changes." 

 "This is a new and special interpretation about the famous board game (which we have done a word game with the name), in a vintage design and format. It is a simple mechanism: the playing pieces representing the hard-working publicist who tries to progress along a campaign, and the game boxes reflect the main troubles and obstacles that we face, from the encouraging beginning towards the desired publication. 

The principal motivation behind this exciting idea is denouncing and counteracting the lack of humility of our customers, unable to recognize the main obstacle are they themselves. For those customers who at the final part of an order realise that their budgets are too short to continue, or those who make last minute changes, we consider they have won the“Death” game box. But of course we are conscious that not all customers are the same. Also, as in all our works, we have bet on an elegant graphical presentation, in a retro dynamic as the item demands, with the evident purpose of showing our ability to display a product in an attractive and different way. In conclusion, our target is to propose and original, easygoing and daring idea, coherent with our alternative position, always outside the conventional and at the same time it means an educational game for everyone."

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Designed by Binomi Creatividad

Country: Spain

City: Barcelona


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