Sensado Cigar Co.

by Diane Lindquist on 03/11/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Designed by redpepper, Sensado Cigar Co. is a high-end, luxury cigar brand for the young adventurer who thrives on travel and honest experiences.

"In our research, we discovered that the competitive cigar market is very traditional. We saw an opportunity to take a modern, fresh approach to cigar branding and ran with it.We're introducing Sensado to the world with a 'City Series'—including New York, Roma, Shanghai and Miami. By comparing tobacco and cities, we're allowing the smoker to relate a flavor profile to something already familiar. For example, 'Roma' has flavors of earth and a hint of Italian cappuccino. 'Shanghai' has a spicy start and a sweet finish. This method of organization allows smokers, both novice and experienced, to understand the cigar before they ever smoke it.Visually, we wanted to represent the cities without being too literal. We designed marks that allude back to architecture and motifs related to the specific regions. Then we brought in pops of colors to an overall black and white color scheme, neither of which you'd typically see in a humidor. The labels are printed on foil paper and debossed to give them richness and depth."

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by redpepper

Designer and Art Director: Sarah Rose Bina "Sensado" Logo Design: Lindsey ArmstrongPhotography: Carl Schulz Creative Directors: Rachael Schendel & Tim McMullen

Country: United States

State: Tennessee

City: Nashville


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