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Givenchy Lipstick

by Diane Lindquist on 03/07/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Two Create has designed iconic lipstick packaging for the couture Parisian brand, Givenchy. 

The aim was to create a luxe objet d’art that would be a status symbol and icon of the future for the brand. The outcome, named ‘Rouge Interdit’, resembles a modern and refined fashion accessory.  The black grosgrain ribbon references Givenchy's couture heritage and is used to remove the barrel from the sleeve with a feminine gesture. Givenchy creates limited editions of the lipstick each season by updating the ribbon. This clever initiative by Two Create has resulted in a design that has now outlived all predecessors. Two Create’s design remains the signature lipstick of Givenchy’s Le Make-Up range and continues to perform well.  Two Create were responsible for the physical form of the lipstick, it’s materials and decoration including changing the orientation of the ‘Givenchy’ logo from horizontal to vertical for more impact (a principle now implemented by the brand). Two Create also worked on the outer carton, referencing the ribbon texture via a multi-layered embossing.   

Editorial photographEditorial photograph

Two Create went on to design and manufacture a bespoke handmade box to house 9 shades of the lipstick as a luxurious gift for 100 of Givenchy’s chosen recipients for it’s launch and later designed a version of the pack for Givenchy’s sheer lipstick, ‘Rouge Interdit Shine’ and ‘Phenomen'eyes’ ball brush mascara, both following ‘Rouge Interdit’ styling.

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Two Create

Country: United Kingdom

City: London