Cold Brew By Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories

by Diane Lindquist on 03/20/2014 | 1 Minute Read

Crooked Nose's cold brew coffee is made out of freshly and light roasted Colombian Medellin beans, steeped for 14 hours. Its also double filtered to have as soft texture as possible. The first batch of hand bottled coffee consisted of 35 items.

As it is new product in the local coffee market Crooked Nose tried to introduce local coffee lovers to it with a couple events before officially launching this dark concentrated drink. 

Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories are craftsmen, founded in 2011 by Emanuelis Ryklys and situated in the old town of Vilnius. Crooked Nose & Coffee Stories enjoys and plays with coffee and also organize coffee tastings, courses and other coffee culture events.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by Emanuelis Ryklys

Country: Lithuania

City: Vilnius

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