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by Jessica Deseo on 03/06/2014 | 2 Minute Read

DewGibbons + Partners has created a range of hand care packaging for Kallista, a new brand with a mission to take care of beauty industry professionals. After discovering that up to 70% of hairdressers have some form of skin damage during their career due to their repeated exposure to chemicals, dyes and bleaches, they have launched a range of hand care products specifically developed to counteract the damage to their skin. 

The design represents a balance of science and beauty that ultimately hairdressers will recognise as belonging to them. 

The packaging was designed to complement, not fight, with existing hair products within the salon. The designs are not overbearing and emphasise efficacy, with a muted unisex color palette to ensure universal appeal. The contemporary use of shape reflects the K of the brand name and the finish on the packaging reflects the essential non-greasy feature of the product - important when handling hair and scissors.

Launched in the USA in January 2014, plans for launch in UK in 2015.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph

Designed by DewGibbons + Partners

Creative Director: Nick Vaus

Design Director: Beverly Cook

Country: United Kingdom

City: London




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