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by Jessica Deseo on 03/31/2014 | 4 Minute Read

In the fashion world, models are everything. For this project the biggest fashion house IMG Models commissioned Anti & Grandpeople to design a book that showcased the best models in the world. This would then be distributed to every powerhouse fashion designer, photographers, art directors and designers.

"Working with the most beautiful models in the world, and knowing that the absolute best print house is handling the production, is pretty good inspiration for making pretty great design. 

IN THE WORLD OF FASHION, print still matter. Photographers all over the world still use the traditional show cards as one of their main tools for selecting models for a shoot. For a model to get booked, it´s essential to have a good, and up to date, show card. 


- Gaute Tenold Aase 

FOR EACH SEASON, the modeling agencies put together a selection of their models, and create a show package that´s distributed to photographers, art directors and designers. For the biggest modelling agency in the world, IMG Models, this package is also an opportunity to manifest their position as industry leader. And, lucky for us, they felt Anti & Grandpeople were the right studio to help them do so. 

NORMALLY the different IMG offices, New York, Paris, London, Milan, have completely different show packages. It´s important to speak as a unified brand, so we agreed to do it different this year, and create a concept and style for all 4 cities. We then made them unique by changing the coloured paper and Pantone colours, varying the cover illustrations, and making different symbols for each box. The result are 4 different boxes that by its own look stunning, but become even stronger together with the others. 

THIS BEING a product presenting models, we decided natural beauty was a fitting concept. We created illustrations based on flowers, that could be put together in endless variations. As a contrast to the wild, unruly beauty of flowers, we designed a custom typeface and graphic elements that are based on the Golden Ratio, a size ratio believed to be aesthetically pleasing, and found in both nature and human proportions. All in all, the box is a representation of natural beauty, human beauty and mathematical beauty. 

IMG wanted the cards inside to be a real show stopper, and still be clean and functional as promotion for their models. Our challenge was to find a way to merge our design with the imagery and strengthen the picture without drawing focus from the girl. We set about making custom illustrations for each card. An overwhelming task considering it´s 4 boxes with 60-80 two-sided cards in each box. That´s over 500 unique illustrations in total, and many long work nights. 

THE BOXES and cards were printed by our good friends at Imprimerie Du Marais in Paris who did an absolutely amazing job.

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