Featured image for April Fools: Entice Exotic H2O Spheres

April Fools: Entice Exotic H2O Spheres

by Andrew Gibbs on 04/01/2014 | 1 Minute Read

London based The Cabinet agency has designed the branding and packaging for Entice:

"The World’s finest drinks deserve to be served perfectly. ‘Entice' is frozen H2O spheres of the rarest water sourced from some of the most exotic, inaccessible locations on the planet. Cryogenic experts use a revolutionary and exacting purification and freezing technique  to create the purest form of ice crystal. Each ice sphere is hand  carved, packaged and distributed to exacting standards so that when Entice is added to your drink, you can be certain it will be served to perfection right through until the very last drop."

April fools.

Design: The Cabinet agency

Photography: Andy Grimshaw


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