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Before & After: Bulumu Granola

by Jessica Deseo on 04/01/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Bulumu Granola needed to refresh their packaging to avoid being confused with other brands, differentiate brand assets and emphasize their product’s nutritional value within a crowded market category. They were also interested in appealing to key segments of shoppers. Zadig Works was brought on to design new distinctive packaging that would stand out from the rest of the white bags on the shelves while staying consistent with the Bulumu brand as a fresh and wholesome product. 

"Bulumu is a toasted oat granola in contrast to the more commonly produced “cluster” granola. The new design needed to be noticeable while still conveying the pureness and uniqueness of Bulumu’s all-natural toasted oat granola." 

Founded by two outdoor athletes, Bulumu was conceptualized as the solution to eating nutritionally on the fly without feeling heavy. It is a tasty, healthy food that is as good for the professional athlete as it is for the professional kid—and everyone in-between. Retaining key brand attributes such as logo and “U” icon with the additional color, large flavor names and patterns allows for the new packaging to still be easily identifiable for loyal, busy shoppers. Even more significantly, the new product design has already impacted market share growth.

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Designed by Zadig WorksCountry: United StatesCity: Boulder

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