Before & After: Gold Seal Indus Valley

by Elizabeth Freeman on 04/02/2014 | 3 Minute Read

India based The Neon Project has undertaken a redesign for a successful premium Indian rice brand Gold Seal Indus Valley.

"Gold Seal Indus Valley (GSIV), a successful premium basmati rice brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever Limited, was first launched in the GCC countries in 1986. The brand stood strong as a premium offering, rooted in its Indian origin and superior taste, and had a long-term vision of expanding into other international markets."The Challenge: 

While GSIV was a success in GCC markets, the overall brand mix was not aligned with its future vision. Not only was the product name quite a mouthful, the term ‘Indus’ that stands at the core of the brand proved to be quite unfamiliar to a majority of Indian homemakers. GSIV wanted to be accepted as a genuine, time-tested, heritage brand that sourced only the most authentic basmati rice and unfailingly delivered a superior taste to its new-age consumers. It was in urgent need of a rebranding effort that would develop a credible story, simplify its essence and cut through the influx of brands in the Indian market. The Strategy: 

We set out on a series of customer interactions that strongly confirmed that the connotation of the word Indus – Latin for Sindhu – was not common knowledge. The unavailability of the brand in India until then also seemed to cause a level of mistrust about its history. These insights led us to the formation of a key brand promise – the experience of the ‘authentic taste of heritage’. Simplifying and glorifying the legacy of the brand and the rice it sourced became the basis for a new visual language and tone of voice; and a realistic and uniquely crafted ancient gold seal was devised as a brand mark and visual hook. While packaging was the main focus, essential storytelling elements were carefully created, assessed and applied across all forms of communication. The Result: The compelling story expressed on the packaging infused with simple yet effective design cues received glowing feedback. The specially crafted gold seal was seen as a mark of virtue, heritage and authenticity. And the new brand mix, from packaging design to launch collaterals, enabled GSIV to be perceived as a time-tested and sought after brand that was well-equipped to cater to a modern audience.

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Design: The Neon Project

Country: India


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