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Springbank Single Malt Limited Edition

by Dieline Author on 03/20/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Ecopod, a luxury eco-friendly retreat in the Scottish Highlands, gives each guest a complimentary bottle of Springbank 10-year-old whisky. Designers-Anonymous was tasked to brand Springbank's limited edition scotch. 

"Communicating both the age of Springbank single malt whisky and its place of origin in Campbeltown on the coast of Argyll and Bute, we devised a large Roman numeral ‘X’. We believed that this bold branding would appeal to Ecopod’s sophisticated, design-literate guests. Then, reinforcing Ecopod’s environmental credentials and love of the Scottish countryside, we created a map featuring 10 beautiful Scottish views. The map folded down into a bespoke label for the limited edition Scotch, in line with Ecopod’s support for recycling and repurposing. A message, ‘Drink in the view’ connected the two themes."

Editorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photographEditorial photograph

Designed by Designers-Anonymous

Creative Directors: Christian Eager, Darren Barber Designers: Christian Eager, Darren Barber, Chris Cobb, Jough McLeod

Country: United Kingdon

City: London