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Tart Blanc

by Jessica Deseo on 03/17/2014 | 2 Minute Read

Tart Blanc is an artisanal bakery in Singapore specializing in beautiful tarts featuring inventive flavor and texture combinations. Manic Design created human-made, paper kraft look for their branding and packaging.

"The owners, a pair of sisters one of whom is the baker, tell us that they dream of multi-layered tarts exploding with flavors and textures. To underline the 'tartistry' of the baked goods, we came up with the name 'tart blanc' which is inspired by 'carte blanche', which means blank paper and expresses the idea that anything is possible. For the packaging and namecards, we chose an unusual and raw grey substrate as an alternative to the ubiquitous kraft to hint at the human-made, small batch nature of the bakery. It took us a very long time to convince the box maker to make the boxes in this material but we think that the results are worth every minute trying to get it right."

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Designed by Manic Design

Country: Singapore