Biysk Fishery

by Jessica Deseo on 03/14/2014 | 2 Minute Read

PUNK YOU BRANDS were tasked to develop a design for Biysk Fishery that would stand out on the shelf. The solution was to develop a design focused on the number that identifies the product. This would also serve as the main focal point on the overall design. 

"One of the oldest Russian fish-processing plants, Biysk Fishery, is preparing for a smooth re-branding of entire range of its product.  The task at hand was to develop a package design that would stand out on the shelf, would expose a reputable manufacturer and would not cause difficulties in printing. 

The truth about buying such a simple product, is that the buyer usually is very bad in remembing brands. Traditional sort names like 'Jubilee', 'Special', etc. is also too hard to distinguish.  So we used a number as the central element of the packaging. Communication within the family is simplified as much as possible: 

      Honey, don't forget to buy a hunchback number 7 and herring number 29."

A simple typographical approach is very good decision when it comes to stand out on a shelf.

Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph Editorial photograph


Creative Director, Designer: Ildar Shale Photographer: Anton Nekrasov 3D: Valery Kalinin

Country: Russia

City: Barnaul


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