Elixyr Limited Iconic Edition Cigarettes

by Andrew Gibbs on 03/13/2014 | 1 Minute Read

We don't usually see many firms showing off their tobacco clients. Poland based Noeeko is the exception with its bold design for Elixyr cigarettes. The packaging features a dark, minimal, and clean design, even including glow in the dark ink. 

"We were tasked to design limited editions cigarette packaging for Luxembourg tobacco company. Elixyr cigarettes are produced in Spain & Belgium in two different types - king size and hard pack. It's a brand for smokers who want something young, fresh and dynamic. The client’s briefing called for a minimalist and clean design with big vertical elixyr logo on front and gold, blue and red lines around. The design draws inspiration from elixyr logo and letter x. Glow in the dark printing gives unique vibe and fun."

Designed bNoeeko

Country: Poland

City: Warsaw


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