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We use all sorts of tools as designers that help us succeed with each project we undertake. Most of us choose the tool we decide to use carefully. To some, it is even considered a life-committed decision. For Louise Fili the tool of choice has always been the two-tone Italian pencil.

Louise Fili was approached by Princeton Archtectural Press to develop a line of gift products that include a set of two-tone Italian inspired pencils she can call her own. She named the set Perfetto. Using her classic color choice, red and black, the packaging features the same look and feel as those two-tone Italian pencils she adores.

Editorial photograph
I’ve always been fascinated by Italian pencil boxes, and as a result I have been seeking them out in Italian flea markets for decades. One of my favorite dealers in Bologna is the self-proclaimed ‘Re delle Matite’ (Pencil King) and has kept me in good supply over the years. Presbitero, FILA (Fabbrica Italiana Lapis e Affini), and Littorio, all iconic brands in the 20s and 30s, covered their boxes with unforgettably stylish and colorful graphics. The variety of pencil types can be dizzying: chubby, slender, cylindrical, faceted, or even square. My most preferred are the two-color pencils (one color on each end), commonly in red and blue, for teachers to correct homework. (‘Errore lieve, segno rosso; errore grave, sego blu’ will live in infamy with every Italian: red for a minor infringement, blue for a serious offense.) When Princeton Architectural Press invited me to come up with a line of gift products, the two-tone pencils seemed perfect—thus the name. But steering clear of blue, my least favorite color, I opted for my signature combo, red and black. No eraser, by the way. Who makes errori?
— Louise Fili
Editorial photograph

Perfetto will be available for purchase nationwide on March 2014. You may pre-oder your Perfetto set today:

Designed by Louise Fili 

Client: Princeton Architectural PressArt Director: Louise FiliDesigners: Louise Fili and Spencer Charles

Country: United States

State: New York

City: New York


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