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by Diane Lindquist on 03/03/2014 | 3 Minute Read

Lead brand agency for Evolution Fresh since November 2011, Seattle-based Hornall Anderson has worked with Evolution Fresh to create a comprehensive brand experience that touches many aspects of the new offering, including its presence in grocery, Starbucks retail and the Evolution Fresh stores. 

Starting with the overall strategy and positioning, Hornall Anderson helped translate the business and value proposition of Evolution Fresh. Using “fresh” as a point of distinction, the new brand clearly reflects the vibrancy of juice made with real, pure ingredients that are never heated, and that retain more of the flavors, vitamins and nutrients of raw fruits and vegetables. Through various visual and narrative elements that convey freshness, Hornall Anderson has elevated both consumer expectation around the product and experience, as well as enabled the brand to stand out in an over-saturated category. 

For the Evolution Fresh identity, the design team gleaned inspiration from the aesthetic and signage found in farmers’ and public markets, and created a recognizable identity that serves as a symbol of quality. Building on that, the design team also created the brand expression “Drink it all in” and tag line Squeeze Life™ to further emphasize the healthy attributes to customers. 

Key to communicating the vibrancy of the Evolution Fresh offering, both on package and in retail, is a series of handcrafted “flavor sunbursts” that represent the full spectrum of juice blends and their ingredients. The sunbursts are an artful abstraction of the raw fruits and vegetables that are found in each beverage. And with more than 20 different ready to drink beverages, these varied representations boldly convey the taste and freshness that consumers can expect from cold-crafted juice, while differentiating each juice blend from the next. 

For the Evolution Fresh retail spaces, Hornall Anderson partnered on the overall in-store brand experience, which includes employee uniforms, in-store collateral, product packaging, gift cards and all promotional soft goods. 

In the wake of the successful juice launch, the agency was also recently involved in packaging design and product naming for the new Evolution Harvest line of snack products: fruit and nut bars, freeze-dried fruit, and trail mix.  

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Designed by Hornall Anderson

Country: Washington

City: Seattle 


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